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TRIPLE – a tribute to open fireplaces – the most original form of heat and cosines.


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Product Info

Fire bowls don’t get much better than this! Three identical segments are connected in just a few simple steps to form a hexagon — the perfect basis for the oldest form of warmth and cosiness: the open fire. With the Hoefats Triple Fire Bowl, allows you to take a campfire atmosphere anywhere you go as  it’s quickly disassembled, compact for transport, and easy to re-assemble. It can also be used as a braai when paired with the Hoefats Cooking Grid.

  • Corten steel portable braai and fire pit
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, with compact transport dimensions
  • 3 identical, compact base segments are quickly and simply connected to form a hexagon
  • Open and angular shape allows for a great view of the fire
  • Made of solid corten steel — forms a stable, unique rust patina with use over time and with contact with water
  • This rust patina protects against progressive corrosion as only the surface develops rust, not the steel itself
  • Comes in 3 sizes:
    • Compact 65cm is ideal for smaller places and trips
    • 90cm is perfect for slightly bigger groups in the garden or out and about.
    • 120cm provides you with a pure campfire feeling and the biggest area for your fire
  • Pair with a variety of accessories, including the:
    • Cooking Grid for Triple Fire Bowl
    • Hot Plate/Tabletop for Triple Fire Bowl
    • Additional Mounting Pole for Triple Fire Bowl
    • Optional Feet for 90cm Triple Fire Bowl


  • 65cm
    • Dimensions: 65cm D x  17cm H
    • Weight: 6.4kg
    • Material: Corten steel
  • 90cm
    • Dimensions: 90cm D x 24cm H
    • Weight: 13kg
    • Material: Corten steel
  • 120cm
    • Dimensions: 120cm D x 32cm H
    • Weight: 21.5kg
    • Material: Corten steel

Care Instructions

  • Use soap and warm water to clean surfaces

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