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TONGS – Due to their asymmetric shape, the tongs lie ergonomically and safely in your hand. Moreover, the slightly tilted edges enable to cautiously handle sensitive grillables. Breakouts at the ends provide for grip and clear view – in a way, they make the tongs transparent at the center of events. The tongs are thus the perfect tool both for small shrimps and T-bone steaks. And if that wasn‘t enough, the tongs place the cooking grid over the embers or lift the hot grid out of the grill.


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Product Info

These Stainless Steel Braai Tongs have an asymmetric shape that allows them to lie ergonomically and safely in your hand. The slightly tilted edges provide the ability to cautiously handle more delicate items on the grill, like shrimp or vegetables. Cut-outs at the ends provide for good grip and a clear view. These tongs can also be used to position the grid over the coals as they don’t get excessively hot.

  • Ergonomic braai tongs
  • Perfect length for easy lifting and flipping
  • Coal grid lifting function
  • Edges at the ends provide for a better grip
  • Made of stainless steel

Hoefats (also spelled Höfats) is on a mission to bring fire back into your life! Because shared moments with loved ones are quite simply much more beautiful with fire. Hoefats combines unique design with exciting functionality in an effort to be the best there is in sophisticated solutions for fire at home — inside and outdoors. This multi-award-winning German brand leads with innovation, technology and aesthetics.


  • Dimensions: 40cm L × 7cm W × 2cm H
  • Weight: 200g
  • Material: Stainless steel

Care Instructions

  • Use soap and warm water to clean off surfaces

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